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How I Started...


When I was 14 years old my father gave me a small digital point-and-shoot camera which he claimed was broken; turns out all it needed was a new set of batteries. After a good 6 months of using this little camera, my mother enrolled me in photography classes during the summer. That's when I got my first Digital SLR. Needless to say, I've haven't stopped taking pictures since then.


The name Luz Photography came from a very special person I met several years back by the name of Luz Velazquez. She inspired me to start my own photography business, and so here I am today. With the help of my husband and the loving memory of Luz, I set forth into the photography world.

I have been taking pictures for over a decade now and can't imagine doing anything else. I love capturing special moments of life, ranging from the magic of welcoming of a newborn child, the intimacy of your wedding day, a high school graduation, or simply family portraits. I am humbled knowing that my images are up in peoples homes and are shared with their family and friends. The sheer fact that I am able to put a smile on a parent's face fulfills my day and makes what I do all the more meaningful. 


On a side note, I am very passionate about elephants, and when you meet me you will immediately notice it. To keep things entertaining, during my sessions I wear a funky pair of elephant pants accompanied by a matching camera strap. I want to be known as the elephant pants photographer. Like an elephant, I will never forget having taken your pictures (though your name might be a different story, ha.)  


Main Photographer
Second Shooter

"My husband and I were extremely happy to have found Paula and her husband. They provided an exceptional service!! The photos are wonderful and Paula has an excellent way of capturing small details, intimate moments, and light..." Sarah

"I cried all over again watching the pictures! They were beautiful, the colors were so vibrant, You truly captured the essence of the day. Thank you so much!..."


"Dear Paula & Dan,

We can't thank you enough for everything you did to make our wedding day perfect. From keeping us on time, to helping with my dress and veil, to finding perfect photo spots, we appreciate every little way you helped or day to go seamlessly. We are excited to see the photos and truly appreciate all of your hard work. Thank you so so much! 


Teresa and Larry' 

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